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Welcome the Reebok Club C 85 Mules – Perfect for This Season


Summer is here full-throttle with its own trends and takes on how to roll without compromising on style. While we’re loving every fashion rule set for the warmer season, we do have one botheration; having to part with sneakers.

The heat wave demands us to leave behind fully covered, sweat-inducing kicks but we’re not quite ready for that. Because, no matter how hot it gets, only sneakers can complete our look. We’re not kidding when we say we’re obsessed.

Good thing, Reebok has a solution for us. One that doesn’t ask us to sacrifice our sneaker mania for the summer neither does it say that we should let our feet suffer in the relentless heat. The footwear brand has created a sneaker-sandal, one that is not quite unheard of.

Say hello to the mule version of Reebok’s Club C 85 sneakers. Very much like its original form, these mule-sneakers manage to be comfortable, snazzy, and sporty. With a strong hint of vintage, the shoes also sync with the 80’s vibe that this year is embracing with all its heart.

The EVA midsole of the footwear option gives it cushioning which is both comfy and lightweight. The rubber outsole makes it a perfect pair of everyday wear by offering it durability. The low-cut design makes the sneakers easy to wear. The upper of the shoes is soft leather. So, you see, apart from the summery twist, they are very much like their full sneaker version.

We’re in love with the mule style that these sandal-sneakers have adopted. Because not only does it allow your feet to breathe, but it also allows you to slip into the pair conveniently. It’s no secret that athleisure style is in vogue these days and these shoes are just in line with it. These Reebok Club C 85 mules are the apt choice to complete any sporty outfit.

In fact, these would look just as lovely when worn with a plaid dress shirt or babydoll dress like they would when paired with track pants and a tee. If you’re consistently on the go, then this pair of sneaker-sandals is an absolute must-have for you.

No more sitting back and tying the laces, no more being one step late because your feet were out of the sneakers for fresh air. These mules have arrived in not one but two colorways; black and white. The midsole is an off-white one to maintain the retro vibe while complementary hues dance as part of the details.

The rest of the sneakers have a smooth exterior while the midsole’s skin is pebbled. The sneakers have holes to serve as classy details and precise stitching that shows marks, its place on them too. If you’d rather have a sneaker than a mule-sneaker, you can cop the original Reebok Club C 85 pair.

You can make this pair of sandal-sneakers yours by purchasing it from a footwear retailer or Reebok’s own web store. Currently priced at USD 80 approx.