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Here’s A First Glimpse At Adidas New ZX 4000 4D Sneaker


Fashion and functionality fuse together in the latest family member of Adidas’s 4D sneaker collection. The brand that is used to surprising us with its awesome silhouettes is back with a new piece. This latest pair is an upgrade of the ZX 4000 running sneakers introduced first in the 90’s.
When it comes to running sneakers, Adidas has always been a pro at creating iterations that are to-notch. However, this latest reworked version of the ZX 4000 sneakers in 4D wouldn’t only serve your race-to-win purposes. You can also rock it while casually strolling down the street to fetch a cup of cappuccino. The mishmash design is one that you wouldn’t want to miss.
The upper of the new ZX 4000 4D pair by Adidas is basically grey and white. However, the design is super eye-catching with the lightest shades of blue and cream, a hint of neon yellow and baby pink, plus mint green and black in the mix. Overall, these colors are sure to impress the audience from miles away! But the beauty of the shoe doesn’t only lie in the colors.
The futuristic style of the shoe is infused with the latest running 4D technology to give a boost to your confidence and a bounce to your step. The midsole of the shoe, which has the tech installed and features a weaved look, is mint green. Pink can also be seen on the textured black sole of the pair.
Together the outsole and the midsole provide comfort along with giving the sneaker the quality of being lightweight. The white upper of the shoe sees grey paneling in suede material. The upper also features weaving to go with the 4D midsole. Cream and blue are also a part of the upper and complement the grey-white color of the model
The tongue of the shoe has the Adidas logo on top in black. The midfoot of the pair shows the brand’s signature three stripes branding in mint green. The shoelaces are mint green as well, going with the midsole and the branding of the pair. Pink also takes a place on the shoe in bits and at the base of the tongue, a matching pink tag reads the model number of the pair in black.
Moreover, dark stitching in pink and black also accentuates the overall style further. If the latest Adidas ZX 4000 4D sneaker looks this good, we can imagine easily how ace would it look – and run – on the grounds! Overall the shoe has a very premium vibe about it. We bet these are going to be among this year’s favorites.
About when this pair would be exactly hitting stores and all other details – we can’t say for sure. We just know that it is set to drop later this year, most probably in November. Regarding the pricing, we’re hearing it will come for $350. Last but not the least, reportedly a sample of this model in another color palette for Spring/Summer 2019 is also ready.